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About Us

High Voltage has been at the center of NYC event entertainment since 1989. Wait, let's not stop at NYC. We're based in NY but we have travelled the world to events in the UK, Australia, the Carribbean, and over 20 states in the US.
Wherever there's an event in need of an experienced and dedicated team of event entertainment professionals, that's where we'll be, bringing mayhem, merriment and music along with us.

Just as the industry has changed from the early days of the 80's and 90s, we have adapted our offerings to bring novel entertainment ideas to fruition. From product launches to corporate picnics and everything in between, we always provide innovative and spectacular solutions.

Dan Wesler AKA "Dan The Man" ovesees High Voltage with his crew of over 50 professionals to bring you true originality at its very best.