multi player new york gameshowface off gameshow new yorkAt High Voltage Productions Game Shows are our specialty!

We have the most entertaining hosts and trivia experts in many different categories including: Sports, General Trivia, TV and Movies, Music and entertainment, History and Geography, and many more. Also Our Game shows can be customized to fit any event, from our wild and wacky Family Fun game show that can entertain a school full of children or one of our experts quizzing a small group of attendee's at a seminar. The Questions can be written for your specific event.

We also have some popular TV game shows, such as Jeopardy, Minute to Win It, Deal or No Deal, Family Feud and Around the Horn. Given enough Lead Time we could produce any other popular games. Game Shows are great for getting People to know one another, Promoting Healthy Competition, and helping people retain important information, but most of all THEY'RE FUN.


Phone trivia

You can now utilize something that everyone already has with them - a cellphone. Whether you are polling the audience or asking fast finger questions. 

  • Ask 'Fast Finger' trivia questions

  • Poll the audience

  • Collect feedback

  • Provide clues for scavenger hunts

  • Create easy surveys

  • Players can play individually or as a group or team

Add your own trivia content, poll or feedback questions, or clues into QandAtime and then let the fun begin! 

  • HOW IT WORKS...EASY AS 1,2,3!

  • You, the game show host, simply logs in

  • Announce a unique session key to your contestants (or print a business card with 'instant join QR Codes)'.

  • The contestants enter the session key into YOUR WEBSITE to join the game (or scans in the instant join QR code).

  • You press 'start' on your computer and let the games begin!

  • Players can fast finger 'buzz' in to answer questions (like on the TV show ' Jeopardy') or can select a multiple choice answer guess like a audience response keypad.

  • When all the questions have been used in the game, the player or team with the top score wins!

  • Play multiple games in a row to have different winners each time. works in 2 different modes - Questions with 1 answer and Questions with multiple choice answers.

When you use a question with 1 answer:
Each player's phone will show the question with a large 'Buzzer'  

  • When the fastest player rings in, the buzzer turns green and the player can now say their answer.

  • Meanwhile, all the other player buzzers turn red indicating that they were not first to ring in.

  • If the fastest player is correct then the game continues to the next question.

  • If the fastest player is incorrect, the player, and any other incorrect players, are locked out until the question is solved or skipped altogether.

When you use questions with multiple choice:

Each player's phone turns into an audience response keypad 

  • A question with up to 6 answers will appear.

  • Players select and submit the answer they think is the correct answer.

  • All the players answers are pooled together with a pie chart of the players responses.

  • Each player gets to answer each multiple choice question. Players that answer correctly get points.

  • At the end of the question session the player with the top score wins.

If a player gets a text message or a phone call while they are playing, their participation within the game is not effected at all.

On the Screen 

What you, the host, sees on your laptop, tablet, or phone: The list of available games, questions and answers, Q&A editor, all scores, who rang in first with yes/no controls, and pie chart in polling mode.

What the players see on their laptop, tablet or phone: Questions, multiple choice answers, their own scores, how much time is left in the game, who won, how much time is left in the game, their personal name or team name and log off option.